Tips To Success in Music- We Agree

Ran Across this list of tips and we really have to agree. Read the list. Comment if you agree or not.

  • Fail often
  • Create often
  • Stagnancy is your enemy
  • Work for free, often, if your work creates value you will be compensated in some way!
  • Work on your passion
  • Never begin a conversation with “How much will I be paid?”, EVER
  • If you create value in the marketplace you will be compensated as such in one way or another
  • Work with as many people as possible, many partnerships fail, but don’t be discouraged, out of those you will retain life long positive relationships
  • Be up front. Secrets will never help you in any way. Transparency at all times in all aspects of your business.
  • Graphic Designers-
    • Work for free doing projects that get your name out there and work on various sites, blogs, facebook.
    • Until people are knocking down your door to hand you money you have not created enough value to the marketplace.
    • Keep it up.
  • Video Creatives –
    • Work with as many artists as possible for free to get your product out there.
    • Create unique compensation agreements with artists (have them put an ad budget together for the video when its out instead of paying you, etc.)
    • Until people are calling you off the hook offering you top dollar for your services, you are not a professional. So don’t even think about charging professional prices
    • You will know when that point occurs
  • Artists –
    • Invest your money – Throw concerts, free concerts, parties, free music, give to fans
    • Work with as many people as possible
    • Fail often, it is the only way to learn
    • Until the phone starts ringing off the hook for bookings and verses you are not a professional. To become a professional you need to invest more money and time.
    • If you can not invest the money and the time then give up now and try to find something to do that aligns with your passion as well as allows you to find time to do music as a hobby, not a profession
    • You will know when people are demanding your music, only at this point are you a professional and you have created value and can charge anyone for anything
Anyways I guess the main point of this rant was that you must work for free to be an entrepreneur, just because you have a camera does not mean you have created value in the marketplace and can charge $100/hr for video work. Until you are offered money for your services you are not a professional and have not created the value to charge for your services.  This is why it takes thousands and thousands of hours of free work to make it in this game and any other business as a entrepreneur, its not easy.  If you are not willing to invest thousands of hours of uncompensated work you will not ever be a professional in this industry full of entrepreneurs.  Value is created only through hard work and experience and creating a portfolio that clearly shows your value, with complete transparency.  so get started now and fail as often as you can to eventually become a successful part of this industry!
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